Against Domestic Violence or Ignoring it?

As I’m sure everyone has already heard, professional NFL player, Ray Rice, has recently been fired from the Baltimore, Ravens on account of domestic violence toward his fiancé Janay Palmer. This video was released at 4 a.m. ET by TMZ on September 8th, 2014:

The Associated Press (AP) recently confirmed the NFL received the tape back in April 2014. After officials received the tape, Rice was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The NFL then suspended Rice for two games.

Many people had already seen the video months ago, but it has recently resurfaced in the media. Many people are criticizing Rice’s punishment as a public relations scandal and wondering why the NFL did not choose to take action sooner.

After the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown back in 2009 many organizations, such as Do Something ( and No More (, have created campaigns to raise awareness and put an end to domestic violence. However, after each of these situations we have yet to see any action from either victim. Both Rihanna and Janay Palmer have gone back to their abusers, setting a terrible example for anyone in an abusive relationship.

The NFL’s delayed response simply overlooks issues of domestic violence, because all they have done is react to a scandal. If the NFL didn’t want to draw negative attention to the situation they should have acted immediately upon Rice’s arrest. Although I do not think firing Rice was the correct decision, because instead of helping the situation they are ignoring it. Since Rice has been fired the focus has shifted from the NFL to Rice and Palmer’s controversial relationship, because Palmer believes Rice did nothing wrong and his punishment is absurd.

In order to maintain a positive reputation the NFL should have been open and honest to the public as soon as the incident occurred. They then could have taken constructive action by helping Rice and Palmer overcome the issues in their relationship and then create a campaign against domestic violence. Through the campaign Rice and Palmer could show the public how they recognized and worked out their problems. From there they could raise awareness about how notice domestic violence as soon as it occurs, how to get out of a dangerous situation, and then how to control your anger and overcome domestic violence. They could have suspended Rice until the problem was resolved and this way people could look up to Rice and Palmer in a positive light, as a couple who realized a problem and fixed it.

It should also be known that Janay Palmer hit Rice as well. Remember that a person who commits acts of domestic violence does not always have to be a male. Please watch the video below, because I want you to look at both sides of the story:

Although Palmer hit Rice first, this do not give Rice the right to hit Palmer back– especially since he is much bigger and stronger than her. I think both Rice and Palmer had their parts in the situation and neither of them handled their anger correctly. With that being said I think the NFL could have been handled the situation much better. Be aware that anyone can commit acts of domestic violence and no matter who it is or what they do, violence is never the answer. For more information visit: or