The Future Starfleet

Would you dare board Virgin Galactic? Virgin Airlines is now offering select groups of people to travel on their new spaceline and become a part of the “Future Astronaut community.”

On the website they state only 547 humans have been to space, which doesn’t exactly encourage my already low desire to jump onto a rocket and fly away into unexplored realms of the universe. In fact, you would have to physically drag me to even get onto an airplane and during take off I’m that girl hyperventilating next to the emergency exit. So shooting off into a place without oxygen doesn’t sound like something in my near future…

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so sign up on Virgin Galactics website and let me know how it feels to be a part of the giant leap for mankind!


God Bless America

When you grow up with both parents working in the government and grandparents who enjoy talking politics at the dinner table, the last thing you want to do is discuss politics on my blog…However, I am sharing my stance on politics as per request of my professor.

I pay attention to the malicious media, I hear people argue over candidates with invalid evidence, I watch the debates as the candidates stick to their talking points (and never actually answer the question being asked), and I watch as the political parties shape the candidates—rather than the contrary.

After many years of listening and observing the political chaos within the United States I’ve noticed that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who we elect for president—it matters who we put behind him.

During the 2008 presidential election Obama won the crowd over with his innovative social media campaign that encouraged “Change.” Did anyone even know what Obama stood for or were people just voting for him because he is young and black? During the 2012 presidential elections I heard so many people expressing their hatred for Obama, and how he is the ‘worst president in history. ‘ In fact, I even had someone try and tell me that Obama doesn’t support the troops…Anyways, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people is that they can’t stand Obamacare. Did you know Obamacare was based off Romney’s healthcare plan for Massachusetts? Just like everything else in the media today, you cannot believe everything you hear or read—there is always more to a story.

I know it’s a bit far away, but during the 2016 elections make sure you do you your own research. Tune out the media and make your own decisions. Look up all of the facts and truly listen to what the candidates say. Each candidate represents the old fashioned views of his or her political party.

I think it’s time we go back to a government that is run by the people, not people who are just run by the government. Seriously who cares about political parties? If this is America, “land of the free, home of the brave,” then why does the government think they have any right to take a stance on whether a woman chooses to use birth control or get an abortion? Land of the free, yet homosexuals can only get married in specific states? God Bless America…really? I wonder how Stephen Hawking would argue that. The United States has come a long way, but times are still changing and the government must transform with it. We need constitutional change, not just a change in leadership.

Would You Put Your Eggs In The Freezer?

Back in October, Facebook and Apple announced they will cover up to $20,000 in procedures for women to freeze their eggs. By offering female employees this opportunity it will promote women empowerment in the work place and give them more time to achieve their dreams before they settle down. I will say I think the intention of this proposal should be an inspiration for other companies to model. However, there are so many complications that can occur when a women has children later in life.

My aunt recently had a son at 45 years old and there are two important issues I want to point out. When you get older you have less energy and your metabolism slows. So those years called “terrible twos” will only seem worse, the older you get. I want to point out that I come from an overweight family, but I myself am not overweight. I’ve had to watch my family members go through so many health problems, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. Once you energy slows and your metabolism slows, it is going to be three times harder for you to lose those extra pounds. I’m not saying having children at a later age is bad, but I worry about the harmful affects it could have on women’s health later in life.

What You Do, Defines Who You Are

I’m sure you’ve heard about the numerous celebrities who had their nude photos leaked from the cloud all over the Internet.

Personally I don’t support sexting, but I do believe everyone should have the right to do what he or she wants with his or her body. Celebrities barely have enough privacy as it is, and for a hacker to go out of his or her way to access these people’s private information just disgusts me.

A few days after the incident I read a news article about another hacker who was planning on leaking over 1,000 people’s personal Snapchat photos—some nude and some not.

There is no privacy in the world anymore. So here are my two tidbits of advice, if you don’t want someone to see something, don’t share it—with anyone. Not all hackers are ill-hearted people, but for the ones who enjoy breaching people’s privacy —go outside and get a new hobby. Put yourself in the other person’s situation, would you like if someone violated your privacy? Think before you act and always ask yourself, ” Would my family/boss/friends approve?”

Living With Ebola

No joke, I got off my train at Penn Station the other day and there was a woman standing right outside the doors who straight up coughed in my face…and then I got Ebola.

            I’m totally kidding I didn’t get Ebola, but I had just listened to a podcast about it on my ride in. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before you should really check out How Stuff Works, “Stuff You Should Know,” because it’s full of fun facts and interesting information. The podcasts are available for free in the ITunes store app and the Google Play store. Recently I listened to the episode “How Ebola Works” and I learned a lot about its origin and how the virus works itself. Did you know there are 5 different strands of Ebola? The two most deadly strands are Zaire and Sudan, two other strands are the Ivory Coast and Bundibugyo, which are less deadly and also originated in Africa. However, did you know one strand of Ebola originated right here in the United States? The fifth strand of Ebola is Reston Ebola, and is named after its origin in Reston, Virginia—that’s only fifteen minutes from my house! Fortunately, this strand is the least deadly and never affected humans.

If you aren’t already aware, Ebola is transmitted through breaks in the skin, blood, mucus, or other bodily fluids. In other words, Ebola is just like any other virus. I had a long conversation with my Aunt this past weekend about the issue and we agreed, everyone needs to take a chill pill—especially the media. So far 10, 000 people have died in Africa from Ebola. In the United States, four people have been infected and only one of them has died. In fact, it is more likely for you to catch the flu and die then it is Ebola. In 2012-13 171 Americans died from the flu, and yet people still don’t get the flu shot! Ebola is only scary because we do not have a cure yet, but it really isn’t as terrible as the media is making it out to be. My Aunt and I came up with some simple steps that everyone should follow in order to protect him or herself from colds or viruses like ebola:

  • Wash your hands. Use soap and say the ABC’s twice through
  • When you cough or sneeze use your elbow!
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Wash your hands before you eat
  • When you’re eating, don’t like your finger just because you don’t have a napkin
  • Don’t share food or drinks
  • Cover your mouth when you yawn
  • Don’t share needles
  • Don’t have any one night stands
  • Do not kiss anyone you don’t know
  • If you are traveling anywhere that’s currently affected by an outbreak/epidemic, quarantine yourself until you know you are not infected with the virus/disease

If you are still really freaking out about Ebola, then check out NBC’s article Why the Flu Is Deadlier Than Ebola:

‘Friends’ Licensed To Netflix In Warner Bros Deal — VIDEO

Found my new years plan!


Warner Bros boss Kevin Tsujihara just told investors that it has licensed 236 episodes — all 10 seasons — of Friends to Netflix for the U.S. and Canada, with streaming beginning on January 1, 2015.  Netflix has been making many such deals as it bulks up its offerings, and now it has a piece of the iconic series that launched the careers of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

It marks the first time Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution has licensed exclusive subscription-video-on-demand rights to Friends, which is still big on cable — on Nick at Nite and TBS — and in broadcast syndication.

Friends is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its premiere this year. The hugely popular series, which ran from 1994-2004 and anchored NBC’s Thursday night lineup, has been popping up of late as part of Warner Bros. TV’s initiative to celebrate the…

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

Every other week my boyfriend and I go to Bowtie Cinemas for “Super Tuesday,” which means $6 movies (3-D and BTX cost extra) all evening. Now I didn’t think I was going to stay up writing this, but I can’t stop thinking to myself, “Holy crap, that movie was nuts.” This week we saw the mystery/thriller/DRAMA, Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris. Also if you’re a 90’s kid keep and eye open for a cameo by Lee Norris who once starred as Stuart Minkus in ABC Family’s Boy Meets World.
At the beginning of the movie it didn’t seem like anything special. It seemed like your typical murder mystery, and the entire time you’re sitting there trying to guess the end, wondering, “Who killed Amy Dunne??” As the truth begins to unravel and the story becomes more intense you will hear people whispering, “Oh my god noooooo…” I also heard a few people mutter, “Aw hell naw!” Gone Girl continuously surprises you until the lights turn on in the theater and you’re thinking, “Maybe I am better off being single…” I haven’t said this about many movies recently, but I promise it’s worth the money to see it on the big screen.

 The trailer definitely doesn’t do the movie enough justice:

If you really aren’t good with blood I don’t recommend this movie. However, if you can handle seeing a little you should be fine.

Has anyone else seen Gone Girl yet? What are your thoughts? Try not to give away too much!

Response: The Death of Adulthood in American Culture

On September 11, 2014, the op-ed article, “The Death of Adulthood in American Culture,” by A.O. Scott was posted on the New York Times website. The article can be found in the link below:

Not only was half of the article basically useless and overfilled with way too many examples, but also it sounds as if someone is a bit too serious. If you have read the article I’ve taken out sections, which really caught my attention.

“A society that was exclusive and repressive is now freer and more open. But there may be other les unequivocally happy consequences. It seems that, in doing away with patriarchal authority, we have also, perhaps unwittingly, killed off all the grown-ups,” Scott describes of American culture,

Comparing such examples like “Mad Men” and “The Sopranos” to new shows like “Girls” and “Bob’s Burgers,” Scott concludes that “nobody knows how to be grown-ups anymore.”

Another section that aggravated me was when Scott says, “Looking at those figures and their descendants in more recent times — and at the vulnerable patriarchs lumbering across the screens to die — we can see that to be an American adult has always been to be a symbolic figure in someone else’s coming-of-age story. And that’s no way to live. It is a kind of moral death in a culture that claims youthful self-invention as the greatest value.”

I don’t think Scott has really thought out his argument. In this piece, Scott basically presents examples as to why American society and culture has changed and is now soft and dumb. Scott concludes, “They [cultural products of this generations] imagine a world where no one is in charge and no one necessarily knows what’s going on, where identities are in perpetual flux.” What Scott says here is not necessarily true at all. As technology advances we are presented with unmanageable amounts of information. Doctors have started making claims that attention deficit disorder (ADD) is not a real disease, social construct that must learn to be managed. ADD is not necessarily just a social construct, but I would say it is more of a disorder brought on by the copious amounts of media. For example, Vine is a social media company for users to produce 5-10 second videos. Another example is Pinterest, a website filled with straight pictures. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have pinned things and written “read later” …and I still haven’t read those things. The reason why there has been a death to american adulthood is because media is almost like a form of ‘relaxation—‘ you recline and watch an episode of your favorite television show. If you’re like most people these days, you don’t always want to watch a show that requires an extreme amount of thought or seriousness, and that doesn’t make you dumb. After a 10-hour workday you just simply don’t want to watch a really serious show. It’s not that society and culture has been dumbed down, but rather the media has given its audience what they want. So what do the people want? What do people like? People enjoy what they can relate to and what can entertain them. I really don’t think this has anything to do with the “Death of Adulthood,” but rather the loss of outdated beliefs, which lead to the advancing of our society’s social norms.