Would You Put Your Eggs In The Freezer?

Back in October, Facebook and Apple announced they will cover up to $20,000 in procedures for women to freeze their eggs. By offering female employees this opportunity it will promote women empowerment in the work place and give them more time to achieve their dreams before they settle down. I will say I think the intention of this proposal should be an inspiration for other companies to model. However, there are so many complications that can occur when a women has children later in life.

My aunt recently had a son at 45 years old and there are two important issues I want to point out. When you get older you have less energy and your metabolism slows. So those years called “terrible twos” will only seem worse, the older you get. I want to point out that I come from an overweight family, but I myself am not overweight. I’ve had to watch my family members go through so many health problems, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. Once you energy slows and your metabolism slows, it is going to be three times harder for you to lose those extra pounds. I’m not saying having children at a later age is bad, but I worry about the harmful affects it could have on women’s health later in life.


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