The Future Starfleet

Would you dare board Virgin Galactic? Virgin Airlines is now offering select groups of people to travel on their new spaceline and become a part of the “Future Astronaut community.”

On the website they state only 547 humans have been to space, which doesn’t exactly encourage my already low desire to jump onto a rocket and fly away into unexplored realms of the universe. In fact, you would have to physically drag me to even get onto an airplane and during take off I’m that girl hyperventilating next to the emergency exit. So shooting off into a place without oxygen doesn’t sound like something in my near future…

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so sign up on Virgin Galactics website and let me know how it feels to be a part of the giant leap for mankind!


God Bless America

When you grow up with both parents working in the government and grandparents who enjoy talking politics at the dinner table, the last thing you want to do is discuss politics on my blog…However, I am sharing my stance on politics as per request of my professor.

I pay attention to the malicious media, I hear people argue over candidates with invalid evidence, I watch the debates as the candidates stick to their talking points (and never actually answer the question being asked), and I watch as the political parties shape the candidates—rather than the contrary.

After many years of listening and observing the political chaos within the United States I’ve noticed that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who we elect for president—it matters who we put behind him.

During the 2008 presidential election Obama won the crowd over with his innovative social media campaign that encouraged “Change.” Did anyone even know what Obama stood for or were people just voting for him because he is young and black? During the 2012 presidential elections I heard so many people expressing their hatred for Obama, and how he is the ‘worst president in history. ‘ In fact, I even had someone try and tell me that Obama doesn’t support the troops…Anyways, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people is that they can’t stand Obamacare. Did you know Obamacare was based off Romney’s healthcare plan for Massachusetts? Just like everything else in the media today, you cannot believe everything you hear or read—there is always more to a story.

I know it’s a bit far away, but during the 2016 elections make sure you do you your own research. Tune out the media and make your own decisions. Look up all of the facts and truly listen to what the candidates say. Each candidate represents the old fashioned views of his or her political party.

I think it’s time we go back to a government that is run by the people, not people who are just run by the government. Seriously who cares about political parties? If this is America, “land of the free, home of the brave,” then why does the government think they have any right to take a stance on whether a woman chooses to use birth control or get an abortion? Land of the free, yet homosexuals can only get married in specific states? God Bless America…really? I wonder how Stephen Hawking would argue that. The United States has come a long way, but times are still changing and the government must transform with it. We need constitutional change, not just a change in leadership.

Would You Put Your Eggs In The Freezer?

Back in October, Facebook and Apple announced they will cover up to $20,000 in procedures for women to freeze their eggs. By offering female employees this opportunity it will promote women empowerment in the work place and give them more time to achieve their dreams before they settle down. I will say I think the intention of this proposal should be an inspiration for other companies to model. However, there are so many complications that can occur when a women has children later in life.

My aunt recently had a son at 45 years old and there are two important issues I want to point out. When you get older you have less energy and your metabolism slows. So those years called “terrible twos” will only seem worse, the older you get. I want to point out that I come from an overweight family, but I myself am not overweight. I’ve had to watch my family members go through so many health problems, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. Once you energy slows and your metabolism slows, it is going to be three times harder for you to lose those extra pounds. I’m not saying having children at a later age is bad, but I worry about the harmful affects it could have on women’s health later in life.

What You Do, Defines Who You Are

I’m sure you’ve heard about the numerous celebrities who had their nude photos leaked from the cloud all over the Internet.

Personally I don’t support sexting, but I do believe everyone should have the right to do what he or she wants with his or her body. Celebrities barely have enough privacy as it is, and for a hacker to go out of his or her way to access these people’s private information just disgusts me.

A few days after the incident I read a news article about another hacker who was planning on leaking over 1,000 people’s personal Snapchat photos—some nude and some not.

There is no privacy in the world anymore. So here are my two tidbits of advice, if you don’t want someone to see something, don’t share it—with anyone. Not all hackers are ill-hearted people, but for the ones who enjoy breaching people’s privacy —go outside and get a new hobby. Put yourself in the other person’s situation, would you like if someone violated your privacy? Think before you act and always ask yourself, ” Would my family/boss/friends approve?”