Movie Review: Gone Girl

Every other week my boyfriend and I go to Bowtie Cinemas for “Super Tuesday,” which means $6 movies (3-D and BTX cost extra) all evening. Now I didn’t think I was going to stay up writing this, but I can’t stop thinking to myself, “Holy crap, that movie was nuts.” This week we saw the mystery/thriller/DRAMA, Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris. Also if you’re a 90’s kid keep and eye open for a cameo by Lee Norris who once starred as Stuart Minkus in ABC Family’s Boy Meets World.
At the beginning of the movie it didn’t seem like anything special. It seemed like your typical murder mystery, and the entire time you’re sitting there trying to guess the end, wondering, “Who killed Amy Dunne??” As the truth begins to unravel and the story becomes more intense you will hear people whispering, “Oh my god noooooo…” I also heard a few people mutter, “Aw hell naw!” Gone Girl continuously surprises you until the lights turn on in the theater and you’re thinking, “Maybe I am better off being single…” I haven’t said this about many movies recently, but I promise it’s worth the money to see it on the big screen.

 The trailer definitely doesn’t do the movie enough justice:

If you really aren’t good with blood I don’t recommend this movie. However, if you can handle seeing a little you should be fine.

Has anyone else seen Gone Girl yet? What are your thoughts? Try not to give away too much!


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