Ignoring The Real Problem: Putting An End To Domestic Violence

On August 9th, 2014, U.S. District judge Mark Fuller for the middle district of Alabama was arrested for abusing his wife Kelli Fuller in a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta. In the report police noted Kelli had lacerations on her forehead and mouth, but according to Fuller he was simply defending himself after his wife threw a glass at him.

Mark was later released from the Fulton County Jail on a $5, 000 bond and is required to complete a counseling program. After Mark’s completion of the program he will have a clean record, but with the recent drama thats surfaced in the NFL some people believe his punishment isn’t enough.

After the Ray Rice and Janay Palmer incident at the hotel in Atlantic City, many people have complained that the punishments for people charged with domestic abuse have not been harsh enough. Public outcries have said if Rice can lose his job then so can Fuller and by not taking immediate action we are simply ignoring an issue that needs to be stopped.

Domestic violence is a huge issue, but taking away someones career does not solve the problem–in fact it creates another. Not having a source of income when you need to support a family adds more stress to a relationship. Taking away someones job is not the way to resolve an issue, it is a way to equally ignore it. If a couple wants to resolve their issues they need to find the route of the problem and fix it.  If the public wants to put an end to domestic violence then we need to take action and create campaigns to raise awareness. Just because the NFL fired Ray Rice doesn’t mean he is going to never lay a finger on his wife again, it means the NFL no longer has to worry about Rice ‘damaging’ its reputation. If you want to put an end to domestic violence then do something about it. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.


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