Swing 46: Dancing, Dinner, and Date Night

            This past weekend my boyfriend and I time travelled to the roaring twenties at Swing 46, a dance and supper club located at 349 W 46th St. New York, NY. We arrived for our dinner reservations for 8:45 PM, which gave us just enough time to order drinks and participate in the swing-dancing lesson at 9 PM. At the door everyone is required to pay a $15 cover fee, and if you are just there to enjoy dancing and cocktails you don’t need a reservation.

            For dinner, the menu includes American dishes such as roasted chicken, steak, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The prices were relatively low for a New York City dinner, but it’s definitely not cheap. I’m a health nut so I ordered the organic mixed field greens salad and added chicken. The salad was good, but there wasn’t anything spectacular about it.  However my boyfriend ordered the roast half chicken and let me taste some mashed potatoes, which we agreed were amazing.

            At the restaurant-club the bar is located in the front room and as you walk to the back you will find the dinner seating, dance floor, and stage. The dance floor was somewhat disappointing though. It was extremely small and I was constantly worried I might dance my way into a table. However, the band that played that evening was fantastic! The music really helped set the tone of the twenties and I was tapping my feet to every tune. I’ve never taken a swing-dancing lesson before so I was somewhat nervous, but the instructors were really willing to help if you fell behind. The lesson lasted about thirty minutes and we learned a routine, which included the rock step, a spin and the sweetheart/cuddle. If you aren’t a confident dancer you can always have a drink at the bar to help yourself loosen up, but they do get expensive so don’t have too much!

            The crowd includes couples of all ages, with various levels of dance experience, from none to professional. So if you’re scared, because you have two left feet don’t worry! Remember that everyone is there to have a good time and no one is there to judge or criticize you. Swing 46 is a fun club and unique restaurant to take your friends, family, and significant other. I highly recommend Swing 46 whether you’re looking to change up your typical dinner date, mix up the club scene, take visiting family for a fun night out, or even if you’re just looking for something new.  Slip on your dancing shoes, let loose, and have a blast!

Before heading home we went Times Square to see the pretty lights and enjoy the energy of the city that never sleeps!
Before heading home we went Times Square to see the pretty lights and enjoy the energy of the city that never sleeps!

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