Cheerleading Is Not A Sport.

     I can’t explain to you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Cheerleading is not a sport.” I do agree with people when they say standing around with pom-poms shouting “Gooooo team!” doesn’t take too much talent. However, that isn’t real cheerleading. When I was four years old I started gymnastics and dance, then by the time I reached middle school I got bored. Cheerleaders were always known as the popular people so I thought, “it’s easy, why not give it a try.”
Cheerleading teams can be either co-ed or all girls, and based on a team’s skills the divisions reach up to level 6. When a team competes they perform a two-minute and 30 second routine for a panel of several judges. The routine is a combination of tumbling, dance, and stunting. To do a stunt you need 1-4 people to act as the bases and one flyer to toss into the air. The tumbling and stunts will vary in each routine based upon the level a team competes in. Still sound easy to you?

Next time you can do this:






Oh and This:


Let me know.


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