The Real Rome, Italy


     On July 4th, 2014 I departed to the land of romance and art–Rome, Italy. For one whole month I lived at St. John’s University studying with Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communications and exploring the various wonders of the ancient world. I took three semesters of Italian at Hofstra so while studying abroad I thought I would be able to brush up on the language. However, this wasn’t the case. Anytime I would hear “Ciao bella!” or “Come stai” my eyes would grow larger and I would stare like deer in headlights. They would greet me again in English, “Hi,” and I would respond “Ciao!” In other words, I tried my best. In order to get the best experience when you’re traveling, I highly recommend you try to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible. Part of the journalism class I took required us to speak to Italians and ask them about their culture. Knowing some simple phrases really helped so I’ve listed some below:


Come Stai?= How are you?

Sto bene/male= I’m good/bad.

Parla Inglese?= Do you speak English?

Grazie=Thank you

Our tour guide, Gary, taught us how to make homemade gnocchi!
Our tour guide, Gary, taught us how to make homemade gnocchi!

     Rather then just seeing Italy, I experienced it. I ate Italian food, shopped at Italian stores, drank espresso, took the metro, and I even spoke to Italians. Just as I expected, Italy was majestic and full of history. However, getting to know the people are what made my experience truly beautiful.


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